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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wholly Follow The Lord


Key Verse: "Save Caleb the son ofnJephunneh; he shall see it,nand to him will I give thenland that he hath troddennupon, and to his children,nbecause he hath whollynfollowed the LORD"n(Deuteronomy 1:36).

Snomething will always separate then purposefully minded from thencrowd of mere followers. When thengoing is good, it is easy to findnmajority of people express their faithnin the Lord, but when challengesnarise, the true nature of such faithnbegins to emerge. Good enough, Godncannot be deceived by the show ofnreligion and zeal. He knows thosenwho truly love and follow Him andnit is for these people that He reservednthe blessings of eternal abode withnHim.nIn our text, Moses rehearsed to the children of Israel their journeynfrom Egypt so far. He explained to them why, after many years ofnleaving the land of captivity, they were still wandering in thenwilderness. They had not been able to make the expected progressnin their journey to the Promised Land. In fact, God had ruled outntheir gaining entrance to the land just because of their state of heart.nThey had not exhibited real faith in Him but have allowed unbeliefnto make them doubt and disobey Him. For this reason, they were allnto perish in the wilderness with the exception of their little ones,nand Caleb and Joshua because they had total faith and confidence innHim. Their faith was not tied to that of the multitude, neither was itninfluenced by them. They knew why they believed and werendetermined to stick by it no matter what.nWe need to remind ourselves that following the Lord is a personalnaffair. We cannot and must not allow the attitude of the majority tondetermine and influence our faith. If your faith is linked or attachednto someone else’s faith, then you may not be able to go far with thenLord. This is because, if the person stumbles innfaith, you are likely to fall with him.nThe secret of steady spiritual progress is havingna strong personal conviction and faith that isnabiding in the Lord. With this kind of faith, younwill keep standing and moving where others fall.

Thought for the day: Partial faith is as bad as having no faith at all.
Bible Reading in one Year: JEREMIAH 3 - 4

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